Apologies folks...

It is with great regret, heavy hearts and a large helping of disbelief that we have to announce that we have cancelled Funny as folk.

East Lindsey District Council has put a stop on events at Scholey Park for the remainder of the year. This is due to the activities of a previous festival, their usage of the land throughout the year & the condition in which the land currently stands.

We have been working for the last week to relocate the festival but with no success. Therefore have made the difficult decision to cancel the event. We appreciate it is short notice but at the same time wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible and the opportunity to make other plans. Rest assured all tickets will be refunded.

We are absolutely gutted after working for months (years) to get this event off the ground. Finding a landowner who shares our ideals and ideas. Both sides looking forward to creating something fully sustainable, all encompassing and fun, a shared environment of togetherness and well-being that doesn’t cost the earth.

As lovers of small festivals we knew what we wanted to create and would like to thank everyone for their contributions this year and in previous years.

Unfortunately events have conspired against us this year and the universe had other plans but who knows what the future holds???? Hope to see you all in a field soon and at Scholey Park in the future. Love and peace to all.

Cheers, Lucy, Zeph & Ben.